White Sharks Adventures, Shark Cage Diving, Kleinmond, SA

great white shark diving cape town

Have you ever been in the cage under the water close to a shark?! Shark Cage Diving is indescribable! What a crazy feeling! Your heart is pumping, your body is numb, either from the cold water or from the fear.

Great White Shark Diving in Cape Town Experience

It was a great trip! The team was awesome and very welcoming.

We chose White Shark Safaris and didn’t regret.

We arrived to their office location early in the morning. They told us about the trip, what to expect. They had a nice breakfast (there was even a vegetarian option!)

They had a bunch of photos with celebrities on the wall. We watched the video and went in the deep dark ocean.

It was a cloudy day and maybe because of that it felt more like a scene from The Jaws movie.

They gave us some directions of what to do and not to do, like not to stick our hands into the water, for instance. And what happened?

My GoPro fell right outside of the tank from the top deck where I was!!! I was so scared! I wanted that camera back and didn’t want to lose a part of my body to a great white shark.

Thanks to one of the team members, he caught the camera and gave it back to me. Whew… He didn’t even yell 🙂

I give 5 stars to this Company “White Shark Safaris”. They are great! Thank you for such an unforgettable experience and getting us back home safe and sound 🙂

“Pool Sharks” by Carnivorous Birds

Tarpeian Rock” and “How He Lived After He Died” by Protomartyr

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