Week’s Favorites, 25th of December 2016

christmas together, family christmas

This week was filled with family times, fun outings and tasty food. Yes, ’tis the season.

Christmas is coming and we are getting ready, buying the gifts for those we love and planning the celebration.

My bestie from LA, Jenn, is still here and we decided to go out for a cup of coffee and a small lunch after Christmas shopping. I know it’s only a week left and most people already have all the gifts ready and wrapped, but not us. I guess one of my New Year Resolutions will be to do everything well in advance.

So I bought some toys for Nika with my first paycheck money (proud mommy moment) and we decided to check out this Italian Place called Piatto.

Favorite Bread Basket

I ordered an Iced Latte and avocado rolls, and while we were waiting, they brought us some of their amazingly yummy bread! If you are as much of a breadoholic as I am, you will definitely love it!

basket bread, italian restaurant

avocado rolls, japanese cuisine

iced latte, italian restaurant

They also have a coloring booklet for kiddies. Isn’t it cute?

Favorite Bargain

We started decorating our place as well. We bought a cute small Christmas Tree for only R130, some ornaments and Christmas lights that came down to R150 from a China Shop, made some DIY decorations as well, and by Wednesday evening our place looked a lot like Christmas.

christmas tree, china shop, christmas ornaments

christmas tinsel, china shop, christmas lights

Favorite Father Christmas

Jen and I were still on the quest for gifts and we made it to the Glen Shopping Center. While we were browsing and going from one shop to another, we saw Father Christmas set with such an adorable grandpa! We haven’t had Nika’s Christmas photo taken yet, so I thought it was the time.

I put her on Santa’s lap only to hear her crying! She was scared of Father Christmas! They took a couple of photos but Nika’s eyes were red and we decided to come back a bit later.

When we came back, she was still a bit cautious so I decided to sit with her next to Santa Claus. I don’t know why everyone says I’m the one that looks scared on the photo.

christmas, father christmas, santa clause

Favorite Rides

While we were trying to get Nika’s mind of the cutest but apparently scary Santa, we decided to put her on one of those cars on the top floor and she loved it!

fun rides

Favorite Egg Noodles

On a Thursday night Konrad invited us to an asian restaurant Matsuya.

What I love about it is that they cook right in front of your eyes and that they have some nice vegetarian options.

I ordered spring rolls which were quite tasty and egg noodles with veggies. They didn’t disappoint me.

asian spring roll at matsuyaasian noodles with veggies

Favorite Burger with Fries

Here comes Friday, the day of the big show that we’ve been waiting for.

Konrad’s mom took us to Roco Mamas for some burger and fries.

Their veggie mushroom burger that comes with their house mayo is divine, and their famous fries are the best I’ve had!

vegetarian mushroom burger, fries

Favorite Show

On the Friday evening Konrad’s mom picked up Jen and myself and we went to see Moscow Circus.

monte casino, johannesburgTo be honest, I’ve never been a fan of circuses because I’m against keeping animals in captivity and torturing them so that they learn how to ride a bike and jump through the fire rings.

The difference here was that they didn’t have any animals and it was pure acrobatics and unreal performances.

There were clowns that were actually funny, an unbelievably flexible guy, jogglers, motorbike riders, balancers, and much more.

moscow circus, johannesburg

I haven’t had that much fun in ages and I’m so glad I went.

It lasted for about 3 hours but it felt like it went by so quickly. So if you are considering whether to go or not, I’d definitely recommend.

moscow circus, johannesburg

Favorite Nature Time

Saturday morning we decided to go spend some time in nature.

Boskop Dam, the place we were going, was an hour and a half away from our place. We packed some food and a bunch of different clothes, because the weather was pretty unpredictable.

We met our friends on the way there and finally arrived. We were lucky enough to get a full big gazeebo with water and a braai.

We ate, went for a boat ride, Jen even tried to catch some fish! Nika and I took a nap under the tree, played some toys, went for a walk and had some nice summer time in nature.

boskop dam, southern sky, south africaboskop dam, southern sky, south africaboskop dam, friends, south africaboskop dam, family, south africa

Our Big Christmas

We placed the tree in the middle of our living room on Saturday evening, put all the presents and went to bed.

christmas, christmas tree, christmas decor, christmas presents

Christmas came early and Nika was the first one to open her presents. She obviously had the most presents but it seemed like she was more interested in the boxes, rather than presents themselves.

christmas, christmas presents, christmas for babies

Konrad’s parents invited us for a Christmas lunch to a restaurant. Most of the family, the ones that could come, joined us and we had a nice rainy Christmas together.

christmas together, family christmaschristmas together, family christmas

Thank you, Lord, for another beautiful and fun week.

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