Week’s Favorites, 15th of January

Nika wearing necklaces

Is it just me or you also feel that time goes faster and faster the older you get?

According to the article in Psychology Today the reason is that when we are young we have plenty of first-time experiences. Our brain breaks down these events into many details that we tend to memorize for many years. As soon as we start experiencing similar events, we do not remember them because they don’t make the same impression on us.

There is another theory that makes full sense to me. It’s called a “ratio theory” and basically mean that for a 10-year-old, one year is 10% of their life. For a 50-year-old, however, one year is 2% of their life, which explains why as we get older the time seem to go faster and faster.

What is your opinion on that?

Ok, so let’s start with the favorites. I haven’t been out much and been doing a lot of studying this week, so most of my favorites will be new recipes. But let me start with my baby girl first.

Favorite Aw Moment

One evening while Nika was playing with her granny she became bored of her toys and my mom decided to give her her box with necklaces. Nika, being a real girl (even though her dad wants her to become a tomboy to go fishing, rock climbing, etc with him) figured out what to do with necklaces quite quickly.

She started trying them on but also keeping each one on as she tried a new one.

This is what it she didNika wearing necklaces

Her favorite though was a pearl necklace that she was caring around the whole evening.

Favorite Soup

My mom and dad love trying new recipes but don’t have enough time to search and prepare them. Since I’m here, I decided to let them try my favorite (obviously vegetarian) recipes and my mom made a joke to my brother saying I was trying to make them switch to vegetarianism (or was it a joke?)

This Broccoli Soup is so quick and simply divine.

broccoli soup, healthy soup, weight loss soup

Favorite Breakfast

My dad normally makes us all a breakfast, but one day he made a healthy porridge that I dislike with all of my heart (yes, there are healthy things that I do not eat). I ate a few spoons but couldn’t make myself finish it.

That morning I decided to make my go-to Breakfast Drink that I normally have when I don’t want to cook or don’t have much time.

I usually make it with almond milk, but I haven’t seen it anywhere here in the stores. I don’t really like regular milk so I decided to replace milk with kefir and the result turned out to be great!

I drank Kefir (which made my mom happy because it’s super healthy) and I enjoyed the result as well because it wasn’t as sweet as it tastes to me when I make it with regular milk.

breakfast shake, morning shake, weight loss shake

Favorite Coffee

I haven’t been much of a coffee drinker in my early days but after I became a mom, lack of sleep and long nights made me switch to coffee. I don’t like the bitter taste of it so I usually add some lemon or lemon juice to it (like my mom) and it tastes so much better. This combination actually made me like coffee.

Some people say that lemon adds some weight loss benefits to coffee as well as it detoxifies the body.

Have you tried it? What do you think if you have?

lemon coffee, weight loss coffee

Favorite Relaxation

My family LOVES Banya. Many will probably ask what it is?

Well, Russian banya is a unique cleansing, rejuvenating and relaxing event that happens in a Bath House.

The bath house normally is a separate house from the one you live in.

It has:

  • a lounge where people keep their clothes, drink their herbal tea with berries and just sit and chat,
  • the bath room with a shower, a bucket with ice cold water to pour over yourself after you get out of the heat room, and a bucket with a soaked Venik (a bunch of twigs with leaves and some stems of herbs used for fanning and beating your hot body), and a
  • heat room with hot rocks and a bowl with water that you pour over the hot stones and benches where you lie on and beat yourself or your loved one with a Venik.

Even though I’ve been growing up going to banya almost every weekend, after I moved to the States I stopped doing it.

Now, living in South Africa I don’t have an opportunity to do it either, so every time I come to Russia, I get back to this healthy practice.

I’m a bit disappointed at myself for not going there last week as I didn’t feel too well, but this Saturday I finally made it to the Banya.

Yay to my first Banya Experience in 2017!



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