Week’s Favorite 11th of December 2016

Папе 70 лет, поздравление

This week was pretty eventful and fun for us. From my dad’s 70th birthday to getting a new certification to Nika’s new milestone to a new super easy recipe from my skoonma and to picking Jen up from the airport.

5/12/16 – 11/12/16 Week’s Favorite

Big Day

Папе 70 лет, поздравление

My dad just turned 70 on the 5th of December. I so wish I was there to celebrate it with him, but we live on the other side of the world and it’s not easy to fly with a little baby.

What we decide to do is to give him a monetary present and a self made card that dad loved. Mom read it to him at the birthday lunch and he was very touched.

My dad and I love exploring things and enjoying nature together. When I was little, we loved climbing the roof and watching the sunset.

Now, I also watch sunsets with Nika. We go out to the balcony and wave the sun good night and thank it for another wonderful day.

What cool things do you share with your dad that you do with your kids now?

Proud Mommy Moment

Isn’t it crazy how quickly the kids grow up? Only yesterday Nika was a little baby lying in her donut and only trying to climb.

This week she started cleaning herself with her hello kitty sponge!

Nika also enjoyed squat dancing which is so cute that I can’t help but make videos again and again.

Favorite Exercise

resistance band, thera band, resistance band workoutThis week I did this short leg routine but modified it for some extra fun and extra resistance. I used a heavy duty resistance band that made it a bit harder.

I could hardly walk the following two days which is why this quick resistance band leg workout is my top favorite this week.

Favorite Recipe

iced coffee, coffee, frappe, cappuccinoMy skoonma tried this nice iced coffee at a friend of hers and when I visited her the other day, she let me try it.

She said the original recipe goes for layering up condensed milk, coffee and ice, and then just stir it with a straw. She decided to blend it instead and it turned out amazing!

I normally don’t drink sweetened coffee, but this one was so aery and just a little bit sweet, I loved it even more than her regular powdered iced cappuccino type!

Favorite Buy

blue baby shorts

I was looking for a cute outfit for Nika to wear to our Christmas Lunch.

My mother – in – law, Nika and I went to the Mall of the South to check a couple of shops.

First one we saw was Woolworth, and that’s where we went. They generally have a lot of cute things for babies, so I was hoping I’d get what I was looking for.

They had a couple of cute Christmas-themed onesies for babies (I wish they did last year when I was looking for one for Nika’s First Christmas), but that was it. Not one Christmas – themed dress for my 1 year old. I must say they did have cute outfits, dresses, but none of them screamed Christmas at me.

So we decided to check Ackermans, that was nearby. They have the cutest outfits at the best prices. Even though I didn’t find the Christmas Dress, but I saw the cutest little pair of shorts for Nika! Awww they are just so adorable!

Proud Woman Moment

local seo certification

I am not a housewife type of a woman and have never thought of following the lifestyle that I have now.

You know how they say, “Man plans, but Lord prevails”.

I don’t regret anything, but every chance I get I try and look for opportunities to set up my own business and learn something that I would enjoy doing while spending as much time as I can with Nika and Konrad.

This is the reason why I decided to learn SEO, Social Media and Web Design.

The reasons for my choice are simple:

  • I can do it from home
  • There is a lot of money in this industry
  • It’s very interesting to me
  • It’s always changing

I have finished my Local SEO course this Saturday! Now I can put even more knowledge into my SEO practice!

Funny Moment

Our Nika is a pretty naughty child so there is always something funny that she does.

She made us all laugh when she was blowing raspberry against my leg and wouldn’t stop .

Hello Moment

My bestie from LA is#lastory, flying from LAX flying over to spend Christmas with us! We are picking her up from the airport this Sunday! Fun times ahead!

On the side note, if you are in the City of Angels, what is your #LAstory?


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