Pilates is a safe, low impact type of exercise, but you must always consult their physician before starting a new physical activity and if you choose not to, you are doing so at your own risk.

Participating in any exercise of fitness program may result in an injury, and in some cases – abnormal blood pressure, fainting, irregular heart rhythm and in rare instances a heart attack, stroke or death. If you do any exercises on this site you agree that you do it at your own risk. Olia Voronkova does not accept any responsibility for any injury or accident that happened as a result of following such exercises.

If at any point you feel pain, experience symptoms of fatigue or discomfort, you must stop the exercise immediately.

Pilates program will begin at a beginner level to strengthen your core and glutes so that you could progress safely and effectively.

When engaging into an online fitness program make sure there is enough space, the place is well ventilated, you are well hydrated and there is no hazards that may increase the risk of injury.

For one to one sessions, the Pilates program will be specifically designed as a personal training plan and will take into account details about you given in your questionnaire and assessment.

For class sessions, the Pilates program has been put together to cover a more general plan and not specifically designed as a personal training plan for you.  Therefore please understand that the program of exercises should only be undertaken in a Pilates class.  Further you understand and agree that if you perform any of the exercises outside the class then you do so at your own risk.

You agree that Olia Voronkova shall not be liable for injuries you suffer in respect of:

  1. Pilates exercises you perform outside a Pilates class or one to one session;
  2. Pilates exercises performed otherwise than in accordance with the instruction given by Olia; and/or
  3. Performing Pilates exercises if you are suffering from an injury or ailment of which you have not informed Olia.

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