Trip to Mauritius, Underwater Sea Walk

mauritius snorkling

A few years ago I went to South Africa to meet my boyfriends family and friends for the first time.

One of our holiday trips was one in Mauritius.

We arrived to the airport all happy and excited, bags packed, holiday mood, only to find out we couldn’t fly that day.

I had a few hiccups with my paperwork so we needed to push it forward a few days, so I can’t say it started well. My advice to everyone – make sure that your visa is 100% ready, that you have all your passports with you at all times. I know it sounds obvious, but because I flew from the US I thought I didn’t need my Russian passport, but because I am a citizen of Russia, (and we don’t need visas for Mauritius), it would be easier if I had my passport on me.

Anyway, we postponed the trip, went to the Embassy of Mauritius in Pretoria and had my new visa ready in about a week or so.

Now, for the second time, we are at the airport, praying that everything is fine this time. Thank God it was.

So we put our holiday vibe on and wait for our plane.

The flight was good, only 4 hours. Their airport was beautiful! While we were waiting for the hotel taxi to pick us up, we decided to get out and check the weather outside. Pure Perfectness!!! Just like I imagined. Real tropics – humid, hot and sunny.

Our hotel was great, the food was amazing, the locals are super friendly and humble. We checked the island out by renting a scooter and going from south to north and from west to east. The real way to learn about the place is to go where the locals go.

Among a bunch of activities that the island offers, we went for an Underwater Sea Walk. They take you to the middle of the lagoon, you put a big mask on and explore the underwater world – the colors of different fishes are unbelievable! You can even feed them and they take the food right out of your hands. You can have your pictures taken by the team and save it as a reminder of an unbelievable trip to Mauritius.

After that we did a bit of snorkeling as well. Checked out corals and other parts of the lagoon.

I’m so grateful I have seen such a magical please with my love.

Here is a little video if you want to check what it was like.

Trip to Mauritius, Underwater Sea Walk

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