The Simoron Practice

Every one gets negative at times, it’s normal, it happens to all of us. I’ve noticed though that when we plant a negative emotion inside, when something makes us angry, then it attracts all other negative emotions and situations that make us cross.

Imagine a situation, you wake up in a great mood, take a nice shower, have a good breakfast, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, everything tells you what a beautiful day it’s going to be. You finish up your coffee but spill it on your shirt. Not fun, but not the end of the world. You quickly change but your spirits are not as high as before.

You lock the door and get in the car. You are not going too far, just a 20 minute drive and you still have plenty of time, even though you lost some time changing. You are in your car, turn the music on and the day is wonderful again, until there are commercials on every radio station. Oh well, it’s only for a few minutes.

The traffic gets heavier and heavier, it gets annoying. Then you see a car changes lanes and it’s in front of you now, and of course they didn’t use a blinker. Where did you get your Driver’s License?! Your road rage is waking up from within. Then you see another car doing the same thing, and another one. You swear at everyone.

You are almost there, only 5 minutes away and there is a huge traffic jam. Well of course! People are trying to squeeze in, come on now! Seriously! Get back to your lane!
You are pretty cross now. You spend 15 minutes there and finally take your ramp.

There is no parking available so you park 5 blocks away and walk to the place. You are all mad and hate everyone, the morning is pretty ruined but if you don’t change your attitude it’s only going to get worse.

I’ve read about something called a SIMORON PRACTICE. If you use their technique it will help you get over the negative emotions quickly and turn your bad day around.

One of their rules is to come up with a funny name and a situation for everything that makes you mad including yourself. Say you spill your coffee, now you are a Black-Spot Bearer, the driver isn’t using blinkers – he’s suffering from diarrhea and trying to get to the closest bathroom, the traffic jam – he probably couldn’t hold no more and took a huge poop that blocked the freeway, etc

The idea is to not let the negative emotions create negative situations. When you turn everything that makes you mad into a joke, your day will be funny and positive, filled with smiles and laughs.

Stay Positive, use this technique!