The “Autobiography” Technique

Have you heard of a vision board technique that helps to bring things that you want into your life? It’s a very effective and fun method that I really like. I have a vision board at home that I need to update as many things I put on it came true.

There is another really awesome technique that I’ve read about a while back but kept forgetting on trying. It’s called “Autobiography”.

The basic idea behind it is to create a new past for yourself. It’s a very efficient way of getting rid of your old fears, complexes, emotional problems, worries, things that drag your down, past regrets and all that negative stuff. All of this, if you think about it at times and still somewhat emotional about it, doesn’t let you get on the new line of life where all your dreams come true and where you live happily, where you are lucky in every way and everything happens perfectly and the way you want and need it.

The very best way to change it is writing your new Biography.

Create something very positive, you could be anything and everything, imagine yourself as a little princess being born to your Queen-mom and King-dad. Paint in everything that you were lacking. Dress yourself up with beautiful qualities, create the exact version of who you would want to be growing up, things you’d want to be doing, seeing, write about your welcoming home, how happy you were, how you had everything you wanted.

Some common problems we have in our present that we drag over from the past are bad relationship with parents and relatives, money and health problems.

If you aren’t too close to your parents or if your relationship with them isn’t what you would want it to be, pen about being taken care of by your wonderful, loving parents when you were growing up. Give them all the qualities you would like them to have, have them do things in this Autobiography that you would want them to, saying positive and uplifting things that you would want to hear.

If your family wasn’t financially successful when you were growing up it could cause you to have not such a happy financial present because that’s what you are used to. To change that hang-up, imagine yourself growing up in a castle, having maids, personal cook, always having things you wanted, anything that could make you think of yourself as rich and well-off.

The same applies to your health. Write about yourself as a healthy kid, being able to do things you wanted, being in great shape, etc.

The basic idea is to write this Autobiography based on the things you are lacking in your present. Make sure you create a positive, joyful past for yourself, but also one you could believe in and not push it away or being repulsed by it. When writing, reading and re-reading it later, it should bring up positive emotions, happy thoughts, smile on your face. It could be difficult at first to believe in it, but think about it – it could’ve happened in another life, in another dimension, you memory is playing unfair tricks with you in your present making your past drag you down, why not out-trick it and help yourself on your way to a happy and successful life?

This is definitely an effective way to get rid of the hang-ups from the past but you have to be persistent. Stay positive and make sure you yourself are creating your present and future and not those negative events from the past.

Let’s create a happy life together!

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