The Road Back to Femininity

What is a key factor that makes a woman happy? Is a great successful career? Lot’s of money? A strong healthy relationship? I think it’s all about balance.

A woman often forgets how to build a strong healthy relationship with her man, or she can’t find the right one, or she doesn’t want one.

Living in the Western World a woman has developed a lot of male qualities, i.e. competitiveness, harshness, rudeness, etc., and is slowly but surely turning into a man on her energy level. She builds a career, she provides for herself, her family, becomes tough and she forgets what it really is to be a woman. She doesn’t like it when a man opens a door for her, or tries to help her with heavy bags. She sees it as a sign of weakness.

I remember back in high school I wrote a paper on feminism. I supported their movement, I was grateful for everything they did for us. I loved their strength, I loved how independent they were. I felt like I wanted to be one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe they caused some positive changes in our lives but every coin has two sides.

We are equal to men, we have the same rights, we are allowed to do what they do, but did it make us happy? Women act and look more like men now. They wear pants, cut their hair short, behave manly. Women work 24/7, they provide for their families, but they can’t build a relationship or even worse, they get stuck in one where the roles change and they act as men while their men act as women.

I don’t think it’s a victory. We often blame men for their lack of chivalry but isn’t it our fault too? When women forget their womanly nature, they don’t know how to get back to it, how to tune in with their feminine vibrations, men see them as their buddies. What happens then? Men think it’s ok to swear in the presence of such women, they stop opening doors for them, they take a woman out and expect her to pay for them.

I love being a woman and being treated like one. I don’t see is as weakness.

So what is the first step back to our femininity? 

It may sound silly, but the answer is – Wearing Skirts. Not micro belt-like skirts but those that cover our knees. When we wear tight revealing tops and micro skirts, we lose our energy, and this is not what we want.

I’ve read an interesting article recently about masculine and feminine energies, vibration frequencies. Men take their energies from the universe, cosmos, we take our energies from earth.

A long skirt represents a bell/cone that gets wider as it gets closer to the ground. By wearing it we accumulate the energy directly from earth and as a result it comes out in good health, wealth, beauty. It helps us remember and develop those feminine qualities of loving, giving, caring, being sensitive, compassionate, tender. When we wear pants we close this access to the feminine energy and subsequently we have nothing to give to our men. When women and men clash on their energetic level, it starts with misunderstandings, fights, it makes men weaker. It also makes them want to look for that lacking feminine energy somewhere else.

I have so many jeans in my closet and very few skirts. I started buying more dresses last year because my boyfriend prefers me wearing them over jeans but I still wear jeans on a daily basis because I find them more comfortable.

I decided to give it a try and started wearing long skirts just a couple of days ago. I’ve noticed some really good changes but I want to give it at least a month before I can share my results with you.

Ladies, why don’t you try it with me?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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