Oh, Those Background Days

It started quite early again, I woke up at 5.30 for my 7:30 call time in Santa Clarita. Did my morning routine and drove to the location.

Today’s sunset was indescribable, bright pink and soft blue were meeting in the middle. It made me think of my favorite colors. I love the color blue which must be the most wide-spread color in the world – oceans, seas, lakes, sky…but I also love pink, and we can only see and experience this sunset pink color a few minutes on certain days, but it also makes us want to gaze in awe and appreciate every second of this breath-taking sight.

I wish I could stop and just stare but I had to go.

I made in there on time but had a bit of a trouble looking for parking as we were on location today and not on stages.

It was so cold out and we were dressed in short skirts and tops. Maybe I am slowly turning into a wimp but I get cold pretty easily.

I had breakfast ( I ordered my regular egg whites and veggies ), they did my hair and loved my makeup again (it always makes me feel like purring when a makeup artist compliments my makeup) and then they drove us to set in a nice van.

It was an outdoor location and they wanted us on set right as we got there, we only had the time to put our bags in the holding area (which thank God was inside but all doors were open so it wasn’t that much of a difference).

The day went by well, I only did one clumsy thing which is knocking over a popcorn bag when I tried to put my hoodie back on between takes. I quickly gathered the pieces and one of my fellow BG actresses helped me do it which was super nice of her.

Then we had lunch, returned to set and finished another two scenes. A PA was really nice to us, let us put on our hoodies in between takes as it was a really cold windy day.

We finally got wrapped. We only worked for 6 hours which is pretty good as you get to do other things you need to do but still get paid as if you worked for 8 hours.

As I got to my car I saw that my back right tire was half way flat. I quickly called my BF and he said I must go find a gas station and pump the air. I drove for like 10 minutes with no luck. Some guy in the car to my right said I had a flat tire, I thanked him and continued looking for the gas station. I finally found one with the help of GasBuddy.

“Yay!”, I thought, but the air pump wasn’t working. I took the photo of the tire, sent it to my BF and then called him again. He said I must find another gas station and while we were speaking a guy comes over and asks if I had a flat tire. He said he was driving right behind me and thought maybe he could help. He said since it’s not all the way flat, and he didn’t notice anything wrong with my car driving. I decided to drive home and go to buy new tires when I get there which I did.

On my way home I remembered that I forgot to check out! Oh no!!! I hope I won’t get in trouble for that! I had to drive back to set, found another PA and he checked me out. Thank you God for letting me work with such nice understanding people! He asked if I was ok driving with my deflated tire and I said that I’ll be fine.

When I got to my area I drove to PepBoys and they quoted me almost $300 for the set and installation. That was a bit too much I thought. Konrad came over to help (my hero) and we drove to another place for a quote and finally chose American Tire place. They offered the best price and service. My “old horse” is getting really old:'(

As I had my tires replaced I went to get some groceries and right before the check out line the check-out lady spilt a laundry detergent on her counter. She was so positive about it, making jokes, smiling and laughing. It made me think how I would react to something like this. It hasn’t been a nice day for me – I kicked over a popcorn back, almost froze to death, had a flat tire, forgot to check out… My spirits were pretty low but then I remembered how well everything turned out. I put the sinistrous popcorn back into its bag and someone helped me, I made it to the tire place and replaced them all, my boyfriend acted like a real gentleman and my hero. It was a pretty good day after all.

That check-out lady definitely taught me a good lesson of always staying positive and making the best out of every situation. Thank you, dear lady! Thank you, Universe! Thank you, God, for another unique, interesting, challenging but successful day of my life.

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