New Year’s in Yosemite, day 2

December 31

Our first night in Yosemite. It was pretty cold, I heard some noises, the wind was hard, something was hitting against our tent and I thought it was a bear searching for food. It was quite a “fun” night I must say.

The morning was beautiful. Bright blue sky, snowy tops of the mountains and smoke coming out of the guest house.

Since we didn’t go snowboarding on our first day we were very excited to go snowboarding today. Unfortunately due to hard winds Badger Pass was closed until further notice. We spent some time at the guest house hoping the will open the Pass but they didn’t.

Well, there were other things we could do. We went exploring the area. Beautiful mountains, waterfalls, trails, we took pictures of all that beauty. Konrad was showing me some photography tricks.

We got pretty hungry and went to our grill spot to make some lunch. Konrad started the fire, I cut some veggies and we mixed them with our leftover rice in the wok. We added some leftover salad as well and a quesadilla. Konrad opened us some beers and so lunch was ready.

I love eating outside, I feel like everything tastes so much better. As we were finishing our food we saw a ranger walking our direction. Uh oh, it wasn’t our campsite so we thought he would start asking for permits and all. Instead he brought us a piece of paper saying the campground was closed due to extreme wind event. We said we were about to leave, and he looked a bit weird at the truck because there was nothing on it, no tents, no blankets, nothing, as if we weren’t even camping there (which we obviously weren’t). He went on to another group of people with the same message. We went back to our camp.

After unpacking we went to take a shower and I started getting ready. I did my hair, applied makeup, dressed up (not in the dress that I brought with me, you know, just in case) but in a pair of jeans, a top and a sweater, put on my pearls, bundled up in a bunch of layers again and went back to out tent. Konrad already took a spot and was waiting for me in the guest lounge.

I joined him and brought wine with me, we started playing chess. It was getting later and closer to midnight. I quickly went to the pizza place, got a nice veggie pizza, and went back to continue with the games. Konrad downloaded scrambler as well and we continued with the games.

The New Year was so close. Konrad got us mini champagnes, and opened them right as the clock struck 12. We made our wishes, drank our champagne, kissed and left as the guest house was closing at 12.

I wish they had more of an interesting program for the New Years or at least had it open for a bit longer but oh well.

Thank you 2014 for everything that happened, for the mistakes I’ve made, for the lessons I’ve learnt, for the people I’ve met.

Welcome 2015! Great start with the one I love in a beautiful place! Welcome new dreams, new goals, new people, new experiences, new places! Cheers to those who were with me last year, please stay with me everyone I love and everything that makes me better and happier!

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