How to stay in Yosemite in winter for cheap

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Yosemite is a beautiful place with grand mountains, clear air and lot’s of outdoorsy things to do. It’s a place to spend a weekend away from the craziness of the city and indulge with nature. It’s great in many ways but there is a few things you need to know to make your trip more comfortable, and less expensive.

Here are your budget travel tips:

– if you go during the snow season when Badger Pass is open (assuming you go there for snowboarding/skiing), you can buy a season pass for lifts which will let you lodge at Curry Village unheated tents for FREE and give you 10% discount on food, ice-skating, golf at the Wawona hotel, etc. Check this link for all the benefits;

– if you do get this option, remember it gets pretty cold during winter. Bring enough blankets, sleeping bags, and willpower as it can get down to 10F/-12C or even colder;

– bring many warm socks and gloves;

– don’t forget to bring thermal shirts and pants;

– bring flip flops for showers as standing on towels get’s really cold as soon as you turn the water off;

– if you plan on washing your hair, take a hair dryer with you;

– you can either eat at restaurants which aren’t cheap or have a true camping experience and make your food on fire. Just remember a lot of your stuff is going to freeze as you have to keep it in a food storage outside, but it’s ok. Since everything will be cooked in a wok, or a pan with a lid (remember to take tongs/long wooden spoon for stirring) make sure you pre-cut everything (onions, grate carrots, pre-cook things like potatoes because they usually take forever, tomatoes, mushrooms, rice);

– don’t forget a thermos bottle for hot water (hot water is available at a store nearby for free);

– you can get hot coffee/hot chocolate at the front office for free daily;

– bring coals/wood with lighter, lighter fluid, whatever you usually use for making a fire;

– take your flashlights with you;

– if you have any board games you may want to bring them with, they do have some at the guest lodge but unless you are the first to pick them you are left with chess (which was what we played most of the time and I got pretty good at it, so no hard feelings:));

– bring a neck warmer/ neck gaiter;

– bring cough drops as you might develop a bit of a sore throat because of breathing in a lot of cold air (better safe than sorry).

I really hope these few pieces of advice help you to have a great and inexpensive experience camping in Yosemite!