How to Lose Belly Fat

You can find plenty of techniques on losing belly fat on the Internet from dieting to exercising, and I sure agree that watching what you eat and exercising regularly helps big time. I want to share what has always helped me when I needed to lose my belly fat quickly (when I say “Quickly” I mean about a week, but 21 day works the best).

Before I start, I think you need to know a bit about me to understand if this is going to work for you as well as it does for me.

I have always been a pretty sporty girl and tried to eat healthy. I don’t drink soda, eat McDonalds or stuff myself with any other junk. I must say I’m a vegetarian too. I’ve been one since I was 5 so it’s my lifestyle that I grew up with, not some trend that I started to follow when I moved to Los Angeles.

As a vegetarian, I’ve noticed that the only thing that kept me full was carbs and I’ve loved pasta, pizza, lasagna and all of the Italian food since I was little. I used to eat big plates of that followed by bread and I sure stretched out my stomach (You should have seen the humongous plated I’d fill up with vegetarian food).

A few years ago I’ve noticed some belly fat and nothing I did could help me lose it. I work out almost every day, don’t like chocolate or any sugar filled treats too much and can easily live without that.

So no more talking, here is what I implemented that helped me a lot in losing my belly fat:

  • I started eating half of what I used to slowly making my stomach shrink and getting full after eating about 5 tbsp at a time.
  • After my stomach shrank, I would set a plan and make sure I don’t eat any breads or diary (this is the hardest part. I can live ok without most of diary but I Love Cheese). I can share my meal plan later if anyone is interested.
  • I made myself drink at least 2 liters of water a day (I’d add some lemon to it)
  • I exercise at least 5 days a week for at least an hour (cardio and weights – I follow a pretty cool routine that works all the muscles).
  • I would not drink any alcohol.
  • Voila! The belly fat is way less prominent, almost non-existent!

I know it’s not a quick makeover that you can achieve over night, but nothing is. If you want to see the results, stick to this simple routine on a daily basis with a couple of cheat days a month and you will not believe that your body could look that great!

Don’t sit around! Lose Your Belly Fat!

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