How to Go From Vegetarian To Vegan

how to transition from vegetarian to vegan quickly

Hi mommies!

Sjoe it’s been a while! In the meanwhile I transitioned from Vegetarian to Vegan and then to Whole Food Plant Based, but I’ll be sharing you today:

  1. Why I transitioned
  2. How I transitioned

Why I transitioned from Vegetarian to Vegan

Let’s start from the beginning. When I was 5 we had rabbits. We just moved to a new city from up north and just adjusting to a new way of living, and longer summers 😀

I didn’t have any friends and those 5 bunnies – 4 white ones and a super fluffy black one were my friends. I would spend days with them, from the moment I’d wake up to the evening when my mom would call me like 15 times to come home from our garden and to get ready for bed.

On that particularly hot summer day I woke up very early. I guess subconsciously I knew that something was wrong. I came to my window and pulled the curtain to the side…

What I saw changed my life forever…

5 little bunny bodies were hanging in their cage. They weren’t moving. I ran to my mom to ask her what happened and it turned out that my uncle was breeding them for fur and meat and he used our space cuz he lived in a flat and there was no space in his place.

On that day I learnt where meat was coming from and on that day I decided that I will never eat meat and will not be a reason for animal suffering.

My uncle got a very big hiding

It was very difficult for my parents to adjust. My mom tried mixing tiny chicken pieces into my food but I’d taste it and vomit so after a while she stopped.

I quickly learnt how to cook because my parents were working day to night and they didn’t have time to cook “normal meals” and vegetarian meals. My favorite meal was spaghetti and a vegetable sauce. All of my friends loved it and it was my signature dish for many years.

In my late teens I decided that I wanted to be “normal” so I started eating meat again every now and then. I picked up some weight, was breaking out and felt heavy so it didn’t last for too long and I went back to vegetarian.

A few years ago when we moved to South Africa and I became a mom. I joined one of the Vegan WhatsApp groups and started learning more about Veganism

How I transitioned to Vegan

The more I learnt about it the more I was disgusted by the dairy industry and how the dairy cows were treated.

They would be forcefully impregnated, they would carry a baby cow for 9 months, just like a human. Then when the baby is born it would be taken away from its mom so the milk that was designed for the baby cow could get into those milk cartons and be delivered to our tables for coffee and cereals.

The male calves would be slaughtered for veal because they possess no value in the dairy business, and female calves would go into the same vicious circle.

It was horrible but it wasn’t all. Because dairy is a big business there are no old grannies milking those cows, but rather steel sucking machines that suck in all the milk they can get, often with blood (heck, they don’t know when to stop, right?). Besides the blood there is an amount of pus from the infected utters found in milk that’s permitted by FDA. There was an experiment saying that you can actually taste the pus in certain milks. Yuck.

It was bad, but I loved my cheese. I spoke about it with my mentor and she mentioned that dairy addiction can be a sign on an unresolved issue with you mom. I thought about it, digested it and quickly, just like that, got off the cheese.

I make my own cashew cheese for when I want some homemade pizza but even my pizza addiction is off now since I got off the dairy completely.

So leave a comment about the most difficult dairy product for you to give up and let’s chat. I’ve been off cheese for a long time and have no cravings after I understood the real price of that cheese on my plate and when I resolved my issues with me mom.

Good luck girl, you are stronger than your food addictions!

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