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Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to take a moment and express my gratitude to God, to my family and friends, to all the people I have met in my life. Good relationships have made me happier, not so good ones made me stronger.

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One Of Those Days

I’m feeling sad tonight for some reason. Thinking about life, dreams, plans… Life is an interesting thing, it’s like a script you write, direct and act in. You always face new challenges and you either do everything you can to overcome them or simply give up. Choosing the latter is easier because in this case

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Lover Not A Fighter, But The Tiger

I’ve been thinking recently, can a positive, optimistic person still get upset and want to smack someone.

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A Little Coo-Coo

Have you been asked why you smile all the time? And I’m not talking about that broad Hollywood smile, but rather a warm what-a-beautiful-day smile. I wish people would stop looking for

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