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An Easy 11 Step Guide to Becoming Better in 30 days

Often times we compare ourselves to others, we want to be like someone else, want to be better than that neighbor girl, when we should in fact work on ourselves and become better than we were yesterday. I think life is a journey to a better self, so why don’t we do these simple practices do change ourselves

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21 Days To Change Your Life

Week 1. 1. Why don’t we start by going to bed early? They say you get the best out of your sleep between the hours of 9pm to 3am so going to bed at 9pm would be great but I don’t know how many of us can do it living in a big city and chasing our

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The “Autobiography” Technique

Have you heard of a vision board technique that helps to bring things that you want into your life? It’s a very effective and fun method that I really like. I have a vision board at home that I need to update as many things I put on it came true. There is another really

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The Blue Bird Of Happiness

Have you heard a legend about that mystic “bluebird of happiness”? It lives it a far-far land, you can not catch it but it may visit you and bring you luck, success, happiness and all the good things. It can give you everything you’ve ever wanted and dreamt about.

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