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Week’s Favorites, 15th of January

Is it just me or you also feel that time goes faster and faster the older you get? According to the article in Psychology Today the reason is that when we are young we have plenty of first-time experiences. Our brain breaks down these events into many details that we tend to memorize for many years. As

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Week’s Favorites, 8th of January

Our first week of winter in Russia. It feels so weird to experience it again after 9 years. Sometimes I find myself looking at the snow and feeling so disconnected with the season. I wonder how long it’ll take before I can get into the winter mode. Favorite Trip I had to call a few

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Week’s Favorites, 1st of January 2017

This year flew by so quickly, I can’t even believe it! So much has happened, and now here we are, in Russia with my parents! But let’s start from the beginning. December 26th we went to Konrad’s parents for a nice family lunch. Favorite Salad I wish I took the photo, but the salad was

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Week’s Favorites, 25th of December 2016

This week was filled with family times, fun outings and tasty food. Yes, ’tis the season. Christmas is coming and we are getting ready, buying the gifts for those we love and planning the celebration. My bestie from LA, Jenn, is still here and we decided to go out for a cup of coffee and

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Week’s Favorites, 18th of December 2016

Wow, this first week since Jen arrived flew by like one day. It’s already Sunday and we are relaxing out in the Elgro Lodge all together. We left on Saturday, around 1 and arrived there by 3pm. Found our lodge, wetted our feet in the pool and went unpacking. Nika LOVES the water and it

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Week’s Favorite 11th of December 2016

This week was pretty eventful and fun for us. From my dad’s 70th birthday to getting a new certification to Nika’s new milestone to a new super easy recipe from my skoonma and to picking Jen up from the airport.

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