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Healthy Breakfast Shake

I think people are divided into two groups – those that love having breakfast, and those who hate them (breakfasts, not the first group of people). I belong to the first group. I can’t imagine starting the day on an empty stomach. It makes me grumpy and miserable, that’s why even in my acting days

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My Breakfast

I’d like to share what I usually have for breakfast. My favorite thing is a banana/oats/almond milk shake. I just combine a half a cup of oats, a banana and a half a cup of milk and blend it all together. Yummy and healthy. A great way to start a day!

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Out Of Bananas 8-0

This morning I had to replace my all time favorite breakfast with a new one. To be honest, it’s equally tasty! I combined a handful of strawberries, two kiwis, half a cup of oats, half a cup of almond milk, blended it together and a healthy breakfast was ready! Yummy!

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