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Nourishing Scrub

Found this recipe and am going to try it tomorrow. Ingredients: 1 tsp coffee grounds 1 tsp honey 1 tsp sour cream 1 raw egg Mix and stir the ingredients until smooth. Apply the mixture on your face. Perform a light soft facial massage for 2 minutes, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with

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hands, help

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.

Dalai Lama

An Immigrant’s Diary, part 5

His smile was so shy and cute. He was with a friend, so was I. He introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Konrad”, his voice was captivating. He had such a strong accent, but such a beautiful one. “I’m Lolly,” said I. His friend said something but my ears were only resonating with the sound of Konrad’s

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