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An Immigrant’s Diary, part 9

We woke up from people walking and riding bikes right above us. It definitely was a crazy experience I will never forget. We spent the whole day on the beach and had to return. Every day I felt like something squeezes my heart tighter and tighter. That day was getting closer and I could smell it,

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An Immigrant’s Diary, part 8

  That’s how my love story began. We started dating, I was the happiest girl on earth, everything was perfect. I later found out that that friend of mine did not tell me the whole truth. It turned out that she went to Konrad’s working area and asked for a talk. He thought it was

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An Immigrant’s Diary, part 7

It was Konrad, as handsome as always with a shy smile on his face. My jaw dropped and my mouth opened.

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12 Lunar Day

December 2nd at 2.20pm we are going to welcome the new lunar day – day of mercy and compassion, turning on of the cosmic energy on love. It’s a very quite and wise day.

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If you expect that someone will take you and love you “just the way you are,” then you’re just a lazy ass idiot, because, as a rule, “just the way you are” – is a sorry sight. Change yourself, sleazeball. Work on yourself, or die alone.

Faina Ranevskaya

10 Lunar Day

Just two hours ago at 1.01pm we welcomed a new 10th lunar day.

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How can you come to know yourself? Never by thinking, always by doing.


Legs Workout at Home Without Equipment

Ok Ladies. There are days when you just don’t feel like going to the gym. The weather might be too bad, or you just can’t push yourself out of the house. Pouring rain and bad drivers could be a good excuse to stay home and skip a leg day, but not for us. I’m going

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Spend at least an hour a day in silence … you need it as much as communication.

The Ultimate Calorie Burning Routine – 800 Cal in 62 Minutes

I found this routine in the Self magazine, tried it out and loved it! It helps me burn up to a 800 cal in about an hour and a half, I sweat like crazy, my heart rate goes up to 180, I truly love it and feel great after I’m done. You should consult with

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