Buckwheat Salad

This delicious dish is filled with nutrients (buckwheat is high in quality protein, rich in iron, manganese, copper, zinc, magnesium) and very pleasing for your taste buds. Give it a try and you will keep making it over and over again!
Total time: 20 min
 Prep: 5 min
 Cook: 15 min
- ½ cup buckwheat;
- ¼ teaspoon butter;
- 1 tomato;
- 1 cucumber;
- ½ avocado;
- green onion;
- parsley;
- dill;
- cilantro;
- olive oil;
- salt and pepper to taste.
Place buckwheat into a pot, cover it with a cup of water and bring it to boil.
Add a pinch of salt, do not stir.
Bring it to low heat and let the water evaporate.
While buckwheat is getting ready, cut tomato, cucumber, avocado, chop green onion, parsley, dill and cilantro in, sprinkle some olive oil on top, add some salt and pepperto taste.
By that time all water should have evaporated. Add butter on top of buckwheat, cover it and let it sit for a bit. When butter melts, stir it in and cool it off a bit.
Dish up your veggie salad and top it with buckwheat.
Bon Appetit!

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