An Immigrant’s Diary, part 8


That’s how my love story began. We started dating, I was the happiest girl on earth, everything was perfect. I later found out that that friend of mine did not tell me the whole truth. It turned out that she went to Konrad’s working area and asked for a talk. He thought it was something related to me and agreed. She did not mention a word about me but instead told him how much she liked him and kissed him. He stopped the kiss, apologized and said that he had feelings for me. I would have never thought she would do something like that. (The girl on the third photo is another girl).

The summer flew by really quickly. After the camp was over we went to NYC for a little bit. At first we stayed at a hotel with a bunch of other people from the camp. In a few days we all separate and Konrad and I with one of my friends found a room somewhere uptown. It was tiny but it was enough. I later discovered (after Konrad went back home) that our roommates were druggies and my girlfriend and I were really scared staying there but our flights were booked for late September and we weren’t in a position to find a new place.

Konrad and I went to explore the city. Went to Long Island on a train one day. It was so beautiful! We got to a little store to grab something to eat, we bought baby croissants and some drinks. We entered the beach. So gorgeous… The sun was setting and we were looking in the direction of where we came from. I knew it was almost over. A wonderful summer romance, I met my love but I knew there wasn’t anything we could do. We were from different worlds, we belonged to different worlds, but I was grateful for this short summer that taught me what a real love was like.

After the sun set we found a place to sleep. It was  slept on the beach for one night. It was under a beach boardwalk. It was really romantic and something new to me. We placed out sleeping bags there and laid together talking until we finally fell asleep.

To be Continued…

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