An Immigrant’s Diary, part 7

It was Konrad, as handsome as always with a shy smile on his face. My jaw dropped and my mouth opened.

– Hi, – he said.

– Hi, – I responded.

We looked at each other, his eyes were so beautiful, his lips seemed so soft. There was silence.

– Will you punch me if I kiss you? – he asked me.

My mind was blank. I couldn’t think clearly, the whole world was gone, was inexistent, it was just him and me.

– No, – I whispered.

His eyes were fixed on me, I couldn’t look away, say anything else.

He leaned in, put his hand on my cheek. When he kissed me I felt as if an electrical charge went through my body. My knees went soft and bent, I almost fell.  He held me with his strong arms and we kept kissing.

I have been kissed a couple of times before but my very first kiss about a year ago was far from being pleasant. I wondered back then why would people kiss if it’s so gross?

This was nothing compared to that sorry experience of mine. I finally understood what it was about. Kissing the one you feel strongly about gives you this amazing, soaring-like feeling and I was happy to experience it.

We chatted about everything and nothing, I felt on cloud nine, like I entered this whole new world, filled with love, happiness, joy, where all the dreams come true. It was getting dark, we kissed each other goodnight and I went to my bunk.

I took a shower and went to bed, I slept like a baby…


To Be Continued…


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