An Immigrant’s Diary, part 5

His smile was so shy and cute. He was with a friend, so was I. He introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Konrad”, his voice was captivating. He had such a strong accent, but such a beautiful one. “I’m Lolly,” said I. His friend said something but my ears were only resonating with the sound of Konrad’s voice. He said he was from South Africa, and that he was an outdoor activities counselors. We chatted a bit and then I said “See you guys later” and left down to the lake. Oh my, this happened. I just fell in love!

Never before have I felt this way. My heart would beat like crazy, then stop and then beat again. I couldn’t stop thinking of him. I don’t care what’s going to happen next because I know I have experienced this feeling. A lot of people go through their lives without being able to say “I loved, I fell in love at first sight” and I was the lucky one because I just did. The summer has just begun and I don’t know what’s waiting for me, but I’ll just enjoy it and drink up every drop of this wonderful feeling!

I don’t remember much about that walk down to the lake, what my friend and I were talking about or if we spoke at all. My mind was occupied with this most handsomest tall Afrikaaner.

My heart suddenly stop from fear and I couldn’t breath for a moment. What if he doesn’t feel the same way about me?

It was the time for us to go back to work. Everything went by as if in haze until our eyes met again while I was serving food to the counselors. He smiled again and asked me how I was. Is he just friendly or maybe he loves me too?

After lunch we had a trip to the lake away from camp. Big yellow school bus was waiting for us to get on it. Once again I felt as if I was a star of an American movie, hopefully a romantic comedy. I took a seat next to my friend but not a window seat as I usually would. Here he was, walking down the aisle. A gorgeous Adonis with the most beautiful eyes. He smiled at me and went a bit deeper in the bus. He sat alone. My friend said I should go sit with him. I don’t know, should I? Shouldn’t I? I glanced at him over my shoulder. He caught my look and smiled. “Ok, I’m going to do it”, I told to my friend. As I was standing up a tall blonde girl sat next to him. What?! How?! Why?! I was so mad! “Why, Lolly, why are you so slow?! Now this blonde will steal him from you!!!” I never felt so jealous before! The bus took off. They were chatting but he would look at me every now and then. I was so mad I didn’t notice how we arrived to this beautiful place. It was a nice chill location, no one but us, perfect for those who love being in contact with Nature. A lake to swim, a little bank with trees to get some tan or to just relax in the shade. Guys started playing American football, girls were tanning, some girls joined the guys and I had a feeling that blondie had a crush on the man of my dreams. Come on now, can’t you see I love him? He was wearing a blue tank and looked even more handsome than usual, if it’s even possible. That crooked smile, those green eyes, just like mine, and that cute hair cut.

Some guys would come over to chat and introduce themselves, but my eyes were on Konrad. Geez I’m turning into a creep! If he likes me he will make the first move, if not , well, I’m a girl after all…

To Be Continued…

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