An Immigrant’s Diary, part 10

September 14, 2005

Today was the day… The day for me to say goodbye to the love of my life. I woke up early and just looked at his face while he was sleeping. I can’t believe this fairy tale-like love story is going to end today. I live in Russia, you live in South Africa. What is the chance for us to meet again? Next to nothing…

I was grateful for the time of my life but my heart was breaking. It’s today… What am I going to do when you are gone?

He woke up and kissed me. He gave me a sad smile and I was about to break down. The countdown started.

I helped him pack his last items, each one of them took me back to that short summer of love. He left me a couple of his shirts, I gave him some of my items of clothing. I was trying to keep my tears inside but with no luck. He would hug and kiss me every 5 minutes or so.

We ate something and we went together to the airport. The train took us straight to JFK… We went to the right terminal. This was it. The last kiss, the last hug, the last look in the eyes and we will never see each other again…

He went inside, I was waiting out. He said he would come back to kiss and hug me again. I broke down. I don’t know what I would do without him. He took a piece of me and stole my heart. I couldn’t imagine living without him, but he was gone.

Suddenly the sliding door opened and he came out.

“I told the lady I forgot to take something from my girlfriend and she let me go,” he said with that sad smile of his and we kissed each other again. We held each other in our arms for a few minutes that felt like 2 seconds and he had to go. This time for real, for ever. “I will always love you,” he said. “I will always love you too,” I responded. “I will never forget you,” I said and I saw the same promise in his eyes. The sliding door behind him closed.

I waited for his plane to take off, saw him flying away from me. My love, my soul, my heart was on that plane with him, leaving me…


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