A Little Coo-Coo

Have you been asked why you smile all the time? And I’m not talking about that broad Hollywood smile, but rather a warm what-a-beautiful-day smile. I wish people would stop looking for

the negatives in their life and switched towards the positives because there is so much to be grateful for in everyone’s life. If you have a family that loves you and you love them, despite the fact how far they can be, you are lucky. If you have good friends, even if they are on different parts of the world, you are lucky. If you have that special person in your life, and even if you are in a long distance relationship, you are lucky. You can see, breath, touch, hear, smile, laugh, you have a place to stay, a bed to sleep in, a car to drive, you have a job that pays your bills, there is so much to be thankful for. Every morning when you open your eyes thank the heavens, God, the universe for everything you have because you have a lot, but we learnt to focus on what we are lacking rather than on what we have.

Please  smile, and who cares if some think you are a bit coo-coo? Smile because you are happy, already are, and you choose not to be because you are used to it, it’s easier.  Your happiness doesn’t come from the outside, nor it comes from possessions, it comes from the inside, your gratitude for what you have and your excitement for what there is still to come, for new challenges to overcome because life would be plain boring if everything came easy.  So smile, laugh at things you find funny, see the beauty in the rain, or a cloudy day, go enjoy the outdoors, spend more time with those you love, travel as much as you can, explore new places, meet new people. You have one life, live it!

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