A Day of a Background Performer

Today was quite a nice day. I woke up pretty early, at 4.20, took a quick shower, applied makeup and left for a new Pilot that was shooting Downtown. It’s been a while since I worked as a background, 6 months to be exact, where I was lucky to stand in permanently on different shows. I thought it’d be difficult to get back to doing background but it was actually quite fun.

I arrived there at 5.30 even though my call time was 6.15am. I like getting to the set about 30 min earlier than my call time to find the place, get some breakfast, and not feel rushed.

I had an egg-white omelet with veggies, avocado and feta cheese , made myself a veggie juice and had some berries, well and a bit of hash browns.

Then they gave us our vouchers, we went through wardrobe, they told us what to wear and we went to the set. It was pretty close to the base camp so we just walked there.

They haven’t used us in a couple of hours, then we had a short scene where  they first told me to sit, then to walk, then to walk in a different direction etc. It was quite fun actually. Then we were let go to have lunch for 30 min. I had a bunch of veggies, a salad and some fruit that I left for later.

We got back, had a long break again until they needed us. They placed me next to one of the main actors, he was nice, not stuck up at all, he introduced himself. We did the scene, they turned around, finished it from another angle and they let us go back to holding.

In like 10 minutes they wrapped us.

It was an 11 hour day but we only worked in a couple of scenes.

I really liked this set. Often BGs are treated like sh…t, like props,  but this crew was different. The story of the TV show also seems interesting and I’d definitely like to work there again, which I will because it’s a 3 day call:)

I’d love to join the cast of the show as well, you never know, right? Dreams do come true, I know that:)

The drive from DT wasn’t too bad, I was singing in my car to my phone because my CD/radio player refuses to work for some reason.

My baby welcomed me and let me take his parking, what a hero!

Today was a wonderful day, thank you, God, Mother Nature, Universe for it!

Cheers to tomorrow!

Good night to everyone! Wonder if anyone even reads it?


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