12 Lunar Day

December 2nd at 2.20pm we are going to welcome the new lunar day – day of mercy and compassion, turning on of the cosmic energy on love. It’s a very quite and wise day.

Do as much good today as you can to your family, friends, neighbors. It’s especially good to give presents, do charity today. Those that aren’t kind to others can lose the kindness of the universe to them.

It’s a day of prayers, meditations, solitude, victory of wisdom over senses. Don’t complain and feel pity for yourself today, you can get stuck in that state for long time. It’s one of those days when miracles happen. It’s a period of visualizations, cleansing your thoughts. Feel your place in this world, your connection to the universe. If you are able to do it, you can ask for whatever you want, the Higher Powers will grant it to you.

Don’t start new things today, don’t make new decisions, stay calm, and balanced, feel the harmony!