10 Lunar Day

Just two hours ago at 1.01pm we welcomed a new 10th lunar day.

This Sunday the 30th is a good day for starting something new. This day help us dig deeper inside us, turn on our karmic memory, find mystic sources of knowledge. You may even remember something you couldn’t possibly know.  It’s a day of spiritual independence but not solitude. Researching your family traditions and roots will be quite effective. You may look for your purpose by learning about your Family History. It’s a great day for charity work. Any unpleasant event that may happen today will quickly go away and will not have any effects on future.

It’s good for:

  • new beginnings;
  • making decisions;
  • business,
  • financial matters;
  • buying/selling;
  • science;
  • arts;
  • creativity;
  • studying;
  • communications;
  • changing your job;
  • rest;
  • house chores;
  • weddings;
  • eating and drinking whatever you want.

Not so good for;

  • legal matters;
  • arguments;
  • travels;
  • moving to a new place;
  • intense workouts;
  • haircuts.

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