My African Trip

My African adventure has come to an end. Those 34 days passed so quickly. Can’t believe that I’m flying back home, leaving my love, my new family and friends behind. Africa saw me off with a beautiful hot sunny day, bright sky, smiles of friends and my tears. Why is it always so hard to[…]

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The New Life Resolutions

Hi there, thank you for subscribing and reading my posts:) I didn’t know it would be this awesome to share my thoughts with people. I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. I can officially say that I’m in my late 20-s which made me reevaluate my life and come up with some New[…]

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Paris Sky

Paris Sky is so plane streaked. People fly to different places, they dont’t stay still, they have an opportunity to travel and find a place to live, place where they belong. They are not limited to their hometown, or the country they were born anymore and it’s great. For some reason this cold cloudy sky takes[…]

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