Day At The Beach

Had a wonderful time at the beach today! There is this power, energy that I get off the ocean, the sand, the ocean air every time I come here. I go in the water and talk to it, exchange energies and feel renewed and clear as I step out. Thank you dear ocean, dear Mother Nature! Can’t wait to go back.


Так здорово провела время на пляже! Какая-то сила, энергия исходит от океана, песка, морского воздуха. Я захожу в воду, разговариваю с океаном, обмениваюсь энергией и чувствую себя обновленной, очищенной, полной сил. Спасибо тебе , дорогой океан, Матушка Природа! Не могу дождаться, когда вернусь к тебе опять.



One Of Those Days

I’m feeling sad tonight for some reason. Thinking about life, dreams, plans…

Life is an interesting thing, it’s like a script you write, direct and act in.

You always face new challenges and you either do everything you can to overcome them or simply give up. Choosing the latter is easier because in this case you fall back into your comfort zone, into the way of living that you are used to, and complain about how unfair this life is and how nothing ever works for you.

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african safari

My African Trip

My African adventure has come to an end. Those 34 days passed so quickly. Can’t believe that I’m flying back home, leaving my love, my new family and friends behind. Africa saw me off with a beautiful hot sunny day, bright sky, smiles of friends and my tears.

Why is it always so hard to say goodbye, say goodbye to people, places…

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The New Life Resolutions

Hi there, thank you for subscribing and reading my posts:) I didn’t know it would be this awesome to share my thoughts with people.

I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. I can officially say that I’m in my late 20-s which made me reevaluate my life and come up with some New Life Resolutions:

  1. Be the change I want to see;

We always try to change others, but hardly ever do anything to change ourselves. I know it’s hard to accept your own flaws and work on yourself. No one is perfect, but the world will not change for better unless you start with yourself. Stop trying to change your friends, significant ones, family members, colleagues, people you don’t know,  stop giving advice on how to live to everyone but yourself. Start with yourself, change yourself to a better you, it’s not a competition against someone else, it’s our inner competition with ourselves but the reward is worth it. The reward is happiness, happiness that people look for in outer things but can’t find it, because that real happiness is not the possessions, money, expensive cars, it’s that inner satisfaction, gratitude for everything you have and the desire to go forward and perfect yourself.

  1. Be more grateful;

We tend to be unsatisfied and forget how much we already have. I really liked an article I read a while back saying that if you have food and clothes and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of the world, if you have some money in the bank you are among the top 8% of the wealthy people, if you are healthy you are more blessed than the million people who will now survive this week, if you have never experienced war, torture, starvation, you are luckier than 500 million of people alive that have, if you can read you are more fortunate than 3 billion of people that can’t…

I don’t know how accurate the numbers are, but the point is we take so much for granted. Let’s wake up and thank God or Universe, or whatever you believe in every single day for everything we’ve got. We are alive, we have people that love us and whom we love, we have some possessions, we have dreams and means to achieve them. Thank you God for giving me all this!

  1. Be the most positive person I know;

This is going to be that change I want to see in others. I’ll be the most positive person I know and help others and myself to be happier, because when you only focus on the positive, you bring a lot more positive events into your life and life of those who surround you. People often complain how bad the world is, how terrible people behave, how many assholes exist, how corrupt the governments are. They often bring up all the things we don’t want to have in our life, they focus on the negatives. I agree, there is a lot of bad in this world, but there is also a lot of good. I believe there is a lot more good people, a lot more good acts, a lot more love than hatred in the world and I believe if we stop focusing of the things we don’t want to have they eventually will go away.

  1. Not to get jealous;

Because what’s the point? Be happy for others and go after what you want. Everyone gets what they deserve eventually.

  1. Know what I want and not to be afraid going after it;

Life is too short to be scared because if you go after your dreams there is a good change that you will get what you want, but if you don’t, if you are scared of a change you have to make, scared of the coming challenges, you won’t get anywhere and will regret it later. I don’t want to look back in many years and tell myself I should’ve tried. I’ll do everything I can and if it works – great! If not, well, at least I did what I could and learnt something along the way.

  1. Smile often;

Because we have awesome smiles! Crooked, silly, sexy, confident, happy, childish, funny, amusing… The list goes on and on. I believe that the one you are looking for will fall in love with your smile, so why not do it? I know I have a silly smile so what?

  1. Not to judge;

Well, first of all because it’s said in the Bible, also because we never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, they say you have to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and I believe it’s true…and it takes us back to not trying to change others topic.

  1. Start every new day with a smile;

Because it gives a fantastic boost and programs you for a wonderful happy pleasant day. Visualize how you want this day to go and remain positive.

  1. Travel more as one learns so much about life and people while traveling;

There is a quote I really like, it says “Traveling teaches a lot more than other things in life; sometimes  a day spent in another place gives you more than 10 years spent home.” I truly believe it. Traveling is a great school of life, it opens the real world for you, not the one that media shows, you shake off all the stereotypes you learnt and open your heart to complete new experiences. Traveling also takes you back to the real you, and it’s very valuable.

10.  Love people and accept them as they are;

Even when I want to smack them, which to be honest does happen, but we are all different and the world would be boring if everyone was like me, or you. Let’s embrace the diversion and enjoy our differences!

11.  Do funny silly things that make people smile.

Paris Sky

Paris Sky is so plane streaked. People fly to different places, they dont’t stay still, they have an opportunity to travel and find a place to live, place where they belong. They are not limited to their hometown, or the country they were born anymore and it’s great.

For some reason this cold cloudy sky takes me back to my college years. I remember my first year in University, the warm autumn sun creeping through curtains and sun rays landing on my shoulder. We were studying, learning and dreaming of our future. I remember the late spring before my first trip to the states. It was raining and we were on a break before the next English class. Older students were talking to our professor about their trip to America and we were so jealous. I think of early summer during my high school years. The time when my grandma was still alive, and so was aunt Tamara. It was a bit chilly. We opened our windows and cleaned them, and I looked out and as always dreamed about future. I didn’t appreciate or value that moment of us being together, together with my favorite grandma…how sad…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI remember that winter before my trip and how mom and I would walk in crunchy snow and talk about the future, my plans…

Remember how dad and I would climb the roof and watch the setting sun…





It feels like another chapter of my life is coming to an end. Maybe because back in 2005 I also flew with the Air France. It was my first international flight, my first trip to the states, my very first time. That trip gave me my first and only love, Konrad. A lot has happened since that summer at a summer camp, we would get together and split apart, fall apart and make up again, said goodbyes forever and told each other we can’t live without one another. Fate has brought us back together over and over again.


IMG_4597Now I’m flying from LA to Paris. We are landing, lost in the clouds, as if we were hanging in the fog, as if time stopped moving and we got stuck in the moment. Sometimes in life as you get older you try to avoid changes, we get stuck in the cocoon of our everyday events, things we do, we get into that comfort zone and stop changing.

I’ve noticed that these past years in the states have made me stronger, that’s true, but also made me tougher, stiffer, my skin thicker, I became less naive, that waiting-for-miracles-to-happen attitude disappeared, and that’s not right…
I want my pink shades that I looked at the world through back, because I believe in that quote, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”. I want to explore the world like I used to, with my eyes wide open, I want to see only the best in people, I want to expect miracles because they do exist but we focus on everything but that.

A new lunar month started, and maybe now is the time to break that cocoon, shut the door to that old rigid life and change everything? It’s time to stop being afraid and follow my dreams, because we can always get everything we want, we just need to want it and go after it.

IMG_4615 2It feels like a slow motion, someone signals us with those bright sticks, the plane stops. No one applauses, and to be honest I miss that silly Russian thing we do that takes us back to our inner kids, it gives an extra boost of energy, smiles, joy, happiness. Yeah, nobody claps their hands, no one seems to be happy to be back home, to their Paris. We are all different, that’s true.

Well, I’m glad to land safely here in Paris, have another flight in 10 hours and Hi Africa! I can’t believe I’m flying to Africa!!! Never thought I’d go there. Actually I’m lying now. I have thought about it since I saw Konrad off that fall of 2005. I thought that I’d be wearing a beautiful dress, high heels, will be going down the stairs. In my dreams he was waiting for me right at the entrance. Yeah, I am silly. Who wears a dress and heels when they travel for many hours? And yes, even though I know that normal people don’t do it, I have that pretty dress and heels in my carry on bag:) We shall see how crazy I am in about 20 hours.

Paris sky is gloomy with low clouds…It’s a pity I can’t go see the Eiffel Tower, have so much time to spend…I should’ve applied for a visa earlier…And yes, it proves ones more that I’m silly.