Tasty Grass

My hubby is a South African, and eating meat is in their culture. I am a vegetarian and have been one since the age of 5. We have a baby girl. Her grandparents from both sides eat meat.

Do we give her meat? Are we going to bring her up as a vegetarian?

We learn daily new things about benefits of a vegan lifestyle and I’d love to share them with you.

By the way, hubby turned vegetarian recently.

I’m going to share the tastiest and healthiest vegetarian recipes with you here. Hope you like them as much as we do.


Quick Romantic Vegetarian Meal for Dinner For Two

I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new meals, but I do have a list of dishes that I can eat day and night and never get tired of them. I’m also a vegetarian that makes me want to look for new tasty ways to serve my favorite veggies, cheese and bread. For more vegetarian dinner[…]

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Healthy Breakfast Shake

I think people are divided into two groups – those that love having breakfast, and those who hate them (breakfasts, not the first group of people). I belong to the first group. I can’t imagine starting the day on an empty stomach. It makes me grumpy and miserable, that’s why even in my acting days[…]

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Healthy Creamy Broccoli Soup

Do you like vegetarian soups? They are so good for you and pretty easy to make. When I was growing up I never liked eating soups because of the pieces of meat parking on the side of my bowl. Not until I started experimenting with recipes and switching to all vegetarian diet, did I start to appreciate[…]

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Vegetable Fritters

I don’t know if you can relate, but I have my favorite set of meals and I normally eat them day after day. At times, though, I get tired of buckwheat and green salad and want to experiment and try new dishes. Thankfully, vegetarian diet is filled with the options! Anything from super healthy to not[…]

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Quick and Easy Coconut Banana Cream Tart Recipe

If you want to try a nice, smooth, creamy tart that is super easy to make, check this simple Coconut Banana Cream Tart Recipe. It is something between a banana pudding and a parfait. Let me know what you think:)

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Cauliflower Soup Puree

Soups have always been that type of food that fills you up quickly and doesn’t contain too many calories. I thought that would be a good practice to include soups in my daily meal plan. I would say Borscht soup will always remain my favorite soup, but recently got hooked on pureed soups which are very[…]

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Nourishing Scrub

Found this recipe and am going to try it tomorrow. Ingredients: 1 tsp coffee grounds 1 tsp honey 1 tsp sour cream 1 raw egg Mix and stir the ingredients until smooth. Apply the mixture on your face. Perform a light soft facial massage for 2 minutes, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with[…]

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My Breakfast

I’d like to share what I usually have for breakfast. My favorite thing is a banana/oats/almond milk shake. I just combine a half a cup of oats, a banana and a half a cup of milk and blend it all together. Yummy and healthy. A great way to start a day!

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Youth Elixir

This Oriental Youth Elixir can be found in Ayurveda. Many Tibetan doctors and specialists of Oriental Medicine write about it.  It is among the top elixirs for preserving health and youth. You can find it in almost any collection of Oriental Recipes.

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