Dear Diary,

I want to write here about my life, my thoughts, and share my story with you, my dear friends.

Week’s Favorites, 8th of January

Our first week of winter in Russia. It feels so weird to experience it again after 9 years. Sometimes I find myself looking at the snow and feeling so disconnected with the season. I wonder how long it’ll take before I can get into the winter mode. Favorite Trip I had to call a few[…]

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Week’s Favorites, 1st of January 2017

This year flew by so quickly, I can’t even believe it! So much has happened, and now here we are, in Russia with my parents! But let’s start from the beginning. December 26th we went to Konrad’s parents for a nice family lunch. Favorite Salad I wish I took the photo, but the salad was[…]

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