Anna Karenina in the Park Lead Dir. Kat Tyuganova, WSP
Sunrise Lead Dir. Olia Voronkova, WSP
Message In The Bottle Lead Dir. Kat Tyuganova, WSP
Vinnodum Mugilodum Lead Dir. Varun Karthik
To The Portal Lead Dir. Mike Capozzi
Canon Supporting Dir. Jovi Sicajau
Outcast Supporting Dir. Tim Buel
Speed Musing Supporting Dir. John Trigonis



To the Portal Lead Dir. Mike Capozzi
The Revelations Lead Dir. Kat Tyuganova, WSP
Dater’s Insurance Guest-Star Dir. Mike Capozzi
American Dream Act Guest-Star Dir. Borjana
Short Notice Guest-Star Dir. Oliver DePhilippo



Vampires Masquerade Virginia (Lead) Next Stage Theater, LA
In the space Love Fairy (Lead) Secret Theater, Russia
Kolobok Fox (Lead) Koleso Theater, Russia
Uninatural Sema (Lead) Koleso Theater, Russia



Exploring LA Self Dir. Olia Voronkova, WSP



Don Jon Russian Voices Joseph Gordon-Levitt



Actors West On Camera Audition/   Scene Work Inst.John Walcutt
Porter Kelly’s                 Commercial Audition Workshop Commercial Audition Inst. Porter Kelly
TSAG Workshop Scene Study/             Audition Techniques Inst. Allen Levin
Australian Institute of       Dramatic Arts Stanislavsky Technique Inst. Paul Parker
Edgemar Center Improvisation Inst. Christopher Biewer
Edgemar Center The Actor’s Golden Box Inst. Michelle Danner
Australian Institute of       Dramatic Arts Australian Acting Technique Inst. Paul Parker
Before & After Studios, NYC Method Acting Inst. Dior
Koleso Theater, Russia Stanislavsky Technique Inst. Oleg Ringe


Special Skills

Ice Skating, Boxing, Bowling, Yoga, Pilates, Snowboarding, Soccer, Snow Skiing, Tennis,

Cycling, Swimming, Rollerblading, Belly dancing, Piano.

LOCAL HIRE: Los Angeles, New York.

  • Spoken Languages: English, Russian, German, basic Spanish, basic Afrikaans.
  • Accents: Russian, Eastern European.

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